Dual Diagnosis in West Haven, CT

When you have a drug addiction, you may struggle with other mental health issues at the same time. If you have a dual diagnosis in West Haven of substance abuse co-occurring with a mental health diagnosis, you need to find one of the dual diagnosis treatment programs in the area. Dual diagnosis for addiction treatment focuses on both your addiction and your mental health needs at the same time. In this way, you have a better chance of recovering from your substance abuse while also dealing with the mental health needs that may be a strong contributing factor to your abuse.

Understanding Dual Diagnosis in West Haven

If you are told you have a dual diagnosis, this means that your treatment provider believes you have a mental health condition that needs to be treated while you are also trying to recover from drug addiction. Dual diagnosis for addiction treatment is common, as the underlying mental health disorder can be as simple as anxiety or depression. When you are on drugs and struggling to get by in your daily life, dual diagnosis treatment programs will help you get sober while also teaching you better coping skills. You will have the opportunity to work closely with a counselor so that you can make a treatment plan to help you recover from your alcohol addiction in West Haven.

Supporting your mental health is the key to success when you have a dual diagnosis and you are trying to get sober. Recovering from an addiction is hard, and part of your support is going to be to get the mental health treatment you need so that you have more clarity about your condition. You will learn about attending support groups and be encouraged to attend individual therapy as part of your recovery process. Your therapist will be able to address your mental health needs and your addiction at the same time.

Dual Diagnosis in West Haven and Addiction

It is common for people struggling with addiction to have an underlying mental health condition. Many people start using drugs as a way to self-medicate feelings that they can't control. People with anxiety and depression often just want the symptoms to go away, and illegal drugs can take away the pain for a while. When you begin to get treatment for your addiction but you ignore any underlying causes, you'll find yourself addicted once again. When you enter dual diagnosis treatment programs, your underlying mental health needs won't be ignored. You'll be able to attend dual diagnosis for addiction treatment, getting the most out of treatment during your recovery process.

Some people become addicted to drugs such as Xanax because the symptoms of high anxiety get controlled with this medication. The effects of Xanax are remarkable for those that struggle with daily anxiety, but eventually, the effects aren't as strong. You can get tolerant of Xanax, and achieving the same calmness requires more of the medication than prescribed. This often leads to abuse and addiction as the person is only trying to live a life without crippling anxiety.

Types of Mental Health Disorders Seen at Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs

Treatment centers for dual diagnosis in West Haven see a variety of mental health disorders. Some people are diagnosed with high-anxiety, while others struggle with depression. Obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD, is also seen at dual diagnosis for addiction treatment in West Haven. People who have been traumatized and are diagnosed with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD are also often seen at dual diagnosis programs. No matter what your mental health diagnosis is, it is likely a contributing factor to your substance abuse and needs to be treated.

When you need treatment for drug addiction and you also have a mental health diagnosis, it's time to find the treatment that you deserve. When you are able to find a dual diagnosis treatment program, you'll be able to attend treatment that will focus on both of your needs at once. You'll be able to detox from the drugs you are taking, while at the same time working with a counselor to address your mental health. When you focus on both together, you have a better chance of achieving long-term sobriety. Get the treatment you deserve from a program that serves those with a dual diagnosis. Call West Haven Alcohol Rehab Centers now for help (203) 742-9749.

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