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Drug addiction is a disease that is difficult to overcome. When you are struggling with addiction, you may want to hide your problem from your family and friends. While this may work for a while, eventually you will need a drug rehab treatment center to help you overcome your addiction. Over time, your need for drug rehabs in West Haven will increase, as your life becomes more unmanageable because of your drug abuse. When you find that your life is controlled by drugs and you are constantly thinking about your next high, it's time to enter a drug rehab facility to help you take your life back from your addiction. Contact West Haven Alcohol Rehab Centers today to learn more about options for addiction recovery.

Understanding the Basics of Drug Rehabs in West Haven

When you enter a drug rehab treatment center, you'll enter an environment that is supportive of your sobriety. While you may be nervous about going to a drug rehab facility, this is how you are going to learn about relapse prevention strategies. Once you detox from the substances you are addicted to, alcohol rehabs in West Haven will help you learn about the triggers that led to your drug use. You will meet with other addicts, talk with a counselor, and attend groups to learn from your peers and professional staff.

Types of Addiction Seen at Drug Rehabs in West Haven

Addiction to both drugs and alcohol is common at a drug rehab facility. There has been a significant rise in the number of people struggling with an opiate addiction in West Haven and the surrounding area. As the opiate crisis continues to grow, people will continue to need a drug rehab treatment center to deal with their addiction. Opiate drug use is hitting crisis stages, as the most common way people become addicted to opiates is through prescription pain medications. While still used for pain, opiate medications are now more strongly regulated because of the potential for substance abuse.

Signs of Addiction Common at Drug Rehabs in West Haven

A drug rehab treatment center treats people who are addicted to either drugs or alcohol. The signs of drug addiction will vary from person to person. You may struggle with trying to stop using drugs, a common problem when you are addicted. You might experience withdrawal symptoms when you aren't using, a strong indicator that you have an addiction. At a drug rehab facility, patients will exhibit irritation, exhaustion, confusion, shakiness, and anxiety as some of the more common withdrawal symptoms.

Signs that an individual in your life is addicted to drugs can include a big change in personality, difficulty keeping a job, money problems, a big increase or decrease in weight, or general changes that are difficult to explain.

Treatment Options for Drug Addiction in West Haven

Treatment for drug addiction begins with a period of drug detox in West Haven. Once you are no longer physically addicted to drugs, you will begin the process of learning how to live a life of sobriety. This is a process that takes time. You might choose to remain in a drug rehabilitation facility after detox if you don't feel comfortable returning home right away. You can choose to remain as an inpatient while working closely with a treatment team to build up your ability to remain sober.

If you feel that you have a strong support network at home, you can return home and seek treatment as an outpatient. You'll attend groups during the day and meet with a counselor to address the triggers that led to your drug use. You'll work with your counselor to develop a treatment plan that will help you over the long-term. You may decide to remain in residential treatment longer, heading to sober living once your stay in rehab is over.

Treatment for drug addiction focuses on learning relapse prevention strategies. Once you are no longer physically addicted, learning new ways to cope with stress in your life requires time and focus. When you are committed to your own sobriety, you will have a better chance at overall success. You will be encouraged to build up a strong support network around you and to learn from your peers that have struggled with addiction before you. When you need help from addiction, it's time to ask for help. Call West Haven Alcohol Rehab Centers now for help (203) 742-9749.

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